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Ron Beckett

I've been taking photographs since I was about 12 (I haven't improved), developing amd printing contract prints in our laundry.  I started with a Box Brownie and moved to Grandad's folding Kodak Autographic which gave bigger prints and it also allowed writing data onto the film (if one could find the special Autographic film).  In 1968, I bought my first SLR, a Pentac Spotmati.  I still use Pentax - even the old M42 lenses work well with my Pentac DSLRs. My current stable includes a KL5, K7, K100D, *istD, and a Q.  I still have a few of Pentax film SLRs (an SFx (my first auto-focus SLR, an SF-7, a Z-10, and a PZ-1 (top camera)) - maybe I'll try film again one day.  Maybe.

I like photographing buildings and bridges - and almost anything related to engineering.  I don't generally photograph landscapes nor people.

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