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Club Programme 2019 click here

From the programme you might notice the following activities that occur throughout the year.

Show and Tell - Internal.
Members bring 3 or 5 prints each and receive feedback and possible solutions to problems they are having with all aspects of their photography.

Show and Tell – External Judge
Members bring 5 prints each and a judge will share their thoughts and ideas of the images. This gives us the opportunity to have our work assessed by someone with judging experience from outside the club.

Show and Tell – Set Subject

Named subject matter e.g., bridges, is presented in a digital format as a portfolio of 8 images.
Discussion is by members or an external judge and evaluated based on the criteria in the essay section. The images must address the theme of the set subject but each photographer attempts to interpret in their own unique way. For example, one interpretation of the bridges was the use of material used over the history of bridges; another. the architectural design.

This is where we have a practical night of photographing and we all learn from each other and get to try various ideas and variations with our lighting etc.

Upcoming Events for 2019
Club Related

Penrith Show Photographic Competition - 24-25th August 2018.

Once again, the HLCC coordinates the photographic competition.


Events noted below are those outside of the Club's published programme (see top of page)

Past Events for 2014-2018
Club Related

Penrith Show Photographic Competition - August 2017.
Once again, the HLCC coordinated the photographic competition.
Some of our members' entries can be viewed by clicking on the Activities link at the top of the page.

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