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John Lindsay

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Artist statement:

Fading Memories
Why do I hear voices in my head all the time?
I stand here on the edge of the freeway staring down at Circular Quay.
Why is it that I can remember things 50 years ago more clearly than those of last week?
My sister and me walking on the promenade with Mum and Dad,
Morning tea with them in the tea rooms
The excitement of buying tickets to Taronga Park and Manly.
Travelling on the harbour in the old coal burning ferries.
Seeing off Uncle Wal and Aunty June on an ocean liner bound for England.
Thinking the Harbour Bridge was the most impressive thing I would ever see.
Visions of the ferries and a Navy submarine in the harbour.
The sudden realisation that without a past full of memories, we have no future.
I can now stand back and go home, although the voices stay with me.
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