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About Us

About Us

144 Henry Lawson Ave (off Dunheved Rd)
Werrington County NSW 2747

Camera Club Contact:  0405 099 029
Meets at 7:30pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the theatre at the Henry Sportd Club (formerly The Henry Lawson Club).

Please note this is not the contact info for the Henry Sports Club (formerly the Henry Lawson Club), only the Camera Club

To contact the Henry Sports Club, click here


Photographs tell stories of birth and death, love and war, freedom and oppression. They present the dynamics of life in the country and the city. They represent historic record, and they can shatter our definition of history. Photographs preserve our memories and inspire us to become aware. They reveal our dreams and our nightmares. They excite us and repel us. They clarify and mystify. The joy of photography lies in its infinite possibilities. Each photograph offers the extraordinary pleasure of discovery. - International Centre of Photography NY

At Henry Lawson Camera Club, as a group of enthusiastic wannabes and seasoned photographers alike, we endeavour to nurture the novice and challenge the experienced with ideas that are sometimes offbeat but otherwise contemporary.   
The seasoned walks abreast with the novice in our quest to capture the moment, be it just a glimpse of the edge.

What makes HLCC so special?  What do we do?

A friendly group of men and women who don't take themselves too seriously (but they are serious about their photography).
Informative talks on all facets of photography.
Indulge ourselves in travelogues and we often go for outings to stimulate the creative urge.
Frequent "Show and Tell" -  this is where we show our work and get told that it could be better :)
It's not just all play because we have serious competitions too, judged by visiting judges, and visiting lecturers.
Between the fun and the serious moments, we always take time to assist those with photographic problems.

Why not come along and meet us during one of our meetings.  You will be made welcome.
It's OK if you don't have the latest and greatest DSLR, as some of us only have the humble point and shoot while a number of die-hards are still using the old and trusted 35mm film.

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