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2013 Challenges


MONTHLY Challenges
These challenges are not meant to be a competition amongst club members.  They are meant to be part of an ongoing educational process of introducing new techniques and style.

February - Anne's Objects
A challenge as a set subject. A box of objects to be given to each member to then use to create images. One of the objects must be used somewhere in the image and must be an important element in the image.
The following were canvassed as suitable items:

  • flag

  • coin

  • postage stamp

  • old photo, at least 20 years old

  • teddy bear.

May - Tunnel Vision

One of the characteristics of looking through a tunnel is

  • the distance seen through the tunnel which may be short or long depending on the tunnel but this concentrates the attention on what is at the end of the tunnel.

  • there is a restriction on peripheral vision.

For the exercise there are two options

  • use a physical tunnel and make the most of the architecture of the tunnel and use a wide angle lens to optically exaggerate the apparent distance

  • use the wide angle lens to exaggerate a line in the scene, such as the edge of water on a beach, or a road, or a railway line, etc

Remember that you are restricting the view peripherally to some extent depending on the scene.
Tunnel options might be long corridors, covered arcades, escalators such as seen at railway stations.

July - Fences

Sept - Legs

See the members' responses to the Challenges in the Photo Essay section

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