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2011 Challenges


MONTHLY Challenges
These challenges are not meant to be a competition amongst club members.  They are meant to be part of an ongoing educational process of introducing new techniques and style.

There have been off the cuff discussions amongst the members relating to the various type of photographic techniques amongst which were HDR and Panorama:

JUNE Challenge
Panorama - Multi shots stitching.
After having heard the lecture on panorama, members are challenged to produce some panoramic shots for the show and tell on 6th June 2011.

HDR - The blending of multiple exposures to create one image with high dynamic range.
Watch the before and after video on YouTube .

Both the above involve either the blending or merging/stitching of multiple images. The challenge:
1.  Members are to attempt the above technique and and each to present to the club meeting a sample of each of their creations.
2.  To explain to the club of their individual process in creating the finished image.

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